Dear Dr. Weiss, 


There is no question in my mind regarding how your approach to medicine works. As you know, I recently went through extensive surgery for cancer. One month prior to surgery I partially implemented some of your program - cruciferous vegetables, lots of watercress, tomatoes, fruits, and all of the “super foods” I could find and Turmeric. While I do continue to eat chicken and fish – the results were astounding. My doctor told me I would not be up and about for 3 to 5 days after surgery and would mostly not be able to do much for six weeks. They were wrong. I was up and taking walks in the hospital 14 hours later (no pain medication at all) – went home the next day and out to dinner. I elected to have the radiation and chemo as preventive measures and they told me I would be “bed ridden” from side effects – with exception of one bad period for a few days and other mind side effects I have been fine. 


I am grateful for meeting you and your team and for the amazing results that were achieved. My body and mind now crave fruits and vegetables. 


My Best, 


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