Lifestyle Telemedicine now available

Is this your time to put your health first? Have you been interested in learning more about the incredible, evidence-based, health-renewing properties of whole, plant foods?

Using the most modern teleconference advances, Dr. Weiss will now be seeing patients from the comforts of their home or office. 

Benefits of Telemedicine

  • Access to a knowledgeable, licensed, Lifestyle Medicine physician

  • Convenience of appointments from your own location using client-friendly video conferencing 

  • Reduced travel time and expenses

  • Flexible scheduling options for initial and follow-up appointments

  • Enhanced privacy and security using HIPAA compliant video conferencing tools

Offered to residents of New York and New Jersey, telemedicine with Dr. Ron Weiss offers you the same one-on-one attention, assessment and customized evaluation formerly available only to patients who could travel to tEthos Farm in Long Valley, New Jersey. 

The Dr. Weiss program was born from the overwhelming evidence that whole-food plant-based nutrition and lifestyle has the power to transform health and well-being. 

Schedule an appointment today to begin your journey to better health, mental clarity, and restful sleep. 

How do I get started? 

All telemedicine appointments will follow this process:

  • Request an appointment by clicking on the appointment button below

  • Answer the questions given and include your email address

  • Receive an email from Ethos Primary Care that will contain a Health History Form, a Registration form, and a HIPAA form

  • Complete the 3 forms and send them back to Ethos Primary Care using the provided, security link

  • Your appointment time will be confirmed by email with a link that you will use to connect to our office for your appointment

  • While we may occasionally be able to schedule same-week appointments using this process, appointments made 2-3 weeks (or more) in advance are recommended to allow time for paperwork

All telemedicine appointments will require the following

  • Legal government ID for proof of identity

  • Transmission of information via our Electronic Health Record (EHR), hence one would accept the memership invitation and become a member of the EHR

  • Signing of the informed Consent for telehealth

Additional Information 

  • Telemedicine appointments will require you to use Google Chrome or Firefox as your web browser. 

  • Offered in the following states only- 

    • New York 

    • New Jersey

  • If  patient resides more than 50 miles from Ethos Primary Care, they are required to be under the care of a local physician while accessing services from Ethos Primary Care

  • All appointments will require access to your camera and microphone (as directed once you log in with the Telemedicine link sent by Ethos Primary Care)

  • As a patient, you will always have the choice to see a local physician I your area. 

  • Al appointments will be evaluated by Dr. Weiss and staff to confirm that telemedicine services are appropiate for that patient's individual situation and medical needs. 

  • Patients will receive a customized Care Plan from Dr. Weiss. Patients are active members in their own care, and inability to follow the Care Plan may impact health outcomes. 

Click here to review the consent form

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