June 2nd

Spring Fest Schedule


Join us as we celebrate spring with gardening classes, plant sale, foraging tours, yoga, meditation, Food As Medicine presentation by Dr. Ron Weiss and much more!

Plant Sale                                             10am-4pm

All seedlings are grown from certified organic seeds and soil.  No chemicals, fertilizers, or herbicides have been used. Plants available are:

                          Kale - 3 varieties                     Red Cabbage            Eggplant

                          Swiss Chard                             Lettuce                     Cucumbers          

                          Collards                                    Escarole                   Zucchini

                          Broccoli /Broccolini                Basil

Tomatoes -Slicers, paste and cherry tomatoes

Tomatillos and Husk Cherries

Ask the Farmer Booth                         10am-4pm

Bring all your gardening questions/problems and have our farmers answer them for you. 

Yoga on the Lawn                                  10:00am

One hour session of classic Hatha Yoga by instructor Kathryn Higgins. Kathryn’s classes work with the body and mind to receive everything in balance- relaxation, visualizations, gradual stretching, yoga asanas, breathing and silence. Her class will be a wonderful opening to our day's events of connecting and celebrating the earth. Please bring your yoga mat and towel for class.

Farm Tour                                               11:30am

Tour the Ethos Farm with our farmer and learn about our environmentally friendly practices on the property/field/forest, that includes showing different habitats. The tour will end in our growing field showing our plants, why we grow heirloom varieties, when and where we grow different plants.

Dr. Ron Weiss Food As Medicine Food Sampling 11:30am-1:30pm

*Preview our new meal delivery line*

New to a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle? Be the first to sample some of Dr. Ron Weiss Food As Medicine meals. You'll be surprised how delicious plants can be!

Seedling Workshop                                12:30pm

Hands on workshop of planting seeds and a talk about heirloom and ecosystem. We'll discuss what a seed needs to germinate and how to grow it into a healthy transplant ready for the garden. We'll discuss a healthy root system, leaves, disease, and how to utilize herbs as natural insecticides. Everyone gets to plant a seed and take it home.

Foraging Tour                                          12:30pm

A tour on the farm to identify of a few commonly found edibles that are widely available in any disturbed soil. We will discus how eating a small selection of wild plants is a wonderful way to reduce their population before they go to seed. Learn how these wild plants can be substituted for common greens in your meals like a lambsquarter pesto or adding violets as an attractive and tasty addition to your salad.

Food As Medicine Presentation              1:30pm

Dr. Ron Weiss will discuss the "Top 10 Reasons To Go Plant Based."

Learn how eating a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle can help to prevent or reverse disease. Dr. Weiss will illustrate the connection between how the food you consume relates to your health.

Harmony at Home                                     2:30pm

The forest doesn't need supplementation; Bring the components of the forest into your garden to reduce your input and maximize your harvest. Learn how combining certain plants together will reduce fertilization, decrease pest damage and weeding.

Grounding Meditation                               3:30pm

Imagine a cozy spot by the stream as we focus on listening to the earth, the symbolism of watercress at Hippocrates' first hospital and connecting our feelings with nature.

To reserve your spot in any one of these classes please fill out this survey.

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