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Over the past century, our culture has undergone radical shifts in how we live.  Tremendous advances in technology have contributed to our quality of life but also have detracted from it.  Scores of Americans are leading sedentary lives; eating nutrient-deficient, processed foods; spending little to no time in nature; and feeling more lost and isolated than ever.  It is no surprise that, along with these dramatic lifestyle changes, chronic illness has skyrocketed, as noted by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).


At Ethos Primary Care, we understand that there was not just one cause of and that there is not just one solution for chronic illness.  Instead, chronic illness is complex, multi-layered, and inextricably intertwined with lifestyle choices.  Healing from chronic illness therefore requires a comprehensive treatment approach.  For this reason, as part of offering alternative medicine in New Jersey, we honor and utilize the positive gains our society has made in the past century, while working to restore the pieces of healthy living that got lost along the way.


We understand that lifestyle changes can be challenging to implement.  For this reason, we provide the full spectrum of healthy living programs for our patients, as a supplement to our primary care medicine practice.  We also know that, just as illness took months or years to develop, so does wellness.  And so we offer you not just a 7-day this or 10-day that, but rather, ongoing, personalized, and comprehensive care, for the duration of your wellness journey – whether it takes you five weeks or five years to reach your peak of health.


Our healthy living programs have four components: 

Dr. Weiss' 30-Day Detox


Chemicals that are in your food, bath and body products, cleaning products, and air accumulate in your body over time, creating a toxic internal environment that undermines your overall wellness and your body’s ability to prevent and heal from chronic diseases. The quickest way to bounce back and restore your health is to undergo an intensive, medically-supervised detox program, through which high concentrations of vegetables, fruits, and starches blast your body with nutrients and excrete the build-up of toxins in your system.


Dr. Weiss' 30-Day Detox program is supervised by Dr. Weiss and supported by our team, who are there for you every step of the way – even if you need a daily booster call! With this combination of knowledge and support, our patients have gotten off all their medications and have experienced dramatic changes in their weight, pain levels, sleep quality, blood pressure, cholesterol, and more. Imagine: In just one month, you can be free from the shackles and expenses of pharmaceuticals and feel exponentially better than you do today.


Jumpstart your wellness now! Call our friendly and caring staff, at 908.867.0060, or email us, to register for our Dr. Weiss' 30-Day Detox or to find out more about our practice of alternative medicine in New Jersey.

Ongoing Support


No two people or health conditions are alike.  Some people can snap back to wellness in weeks or months; others need years.  No matter what your pace, the Ethos Primary Care team is here for you, throughout your wellness journey – guiding you and cheering you on, every step of the way.  Our Ascent to Wellness programs are year-long and focused on mindful living, through medical exams, educational classes, peer support groups, and individual coaching.  On the physical level, we optimize your nutritional intake, muscle strength, aerobic capacity, flexibility, and balance.  On the mental-emotional level, we help you reduce the anxiety, stress, and discord in your life and increase the joy, harmony, and ease in it.  Throughout the process, we embrace you as part of a community of like-minded individuals who whole-heartedly want you to be well.


Contact our friendly and caring staff, at 908.867.0060, to find out more about Ascent to Wellness and our practice of alternative medicine in New Jersey. 

Doctor's Farm Stand


Our produce is grown in superior quality soil, which amplifies the nutritional density of our vegetables and fruits.  We offer these to you each week in season, at the Harvest Good Health doctor’s farm stand in New Jersey.  Not only do you benefit from our farm-fresh produce and enjoy our community atmosphere when you shop, but we provide you with information about the medicinal properties of each vegetable and fruit, as well as guide you on which produce is best for treating which health conditions.  In addition, our healthcare team is available on site, to answer your questions.


Visit our farm page, call us at 908.867.0060, or email us, to find out more about Harvest Good Health and our practice of alternative medicine in New Jersey.

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