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Incubator Program

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As part of the Ethos mission, we strive to create a sustainable model for growing healthy food and protecting and renewing the earth.  Small scale growers are leaders in the type of sustainable farming methods that restore our soils and help build thriving, local food systems.  To secure our future we need many small, diverse farms reaching across the country.  Right now, farmers in the US age 65 and older outnumber those under the age of 35 by 3-to-1!  Where will this next generation of farmers come from and what type of farming will they do?  As farming continues to grow more financially challenging how will these young farmers find the support they need to succeed? Our current food economy favors the big and industrial making it especially difficult for young farmers to start a small, sustainable farm.

In response to these challenges, Ethos Health has launched a Young Farmers Incubator Program to help young farmers develop the tools they need to become successful, organic regenerative farmers.

Andrew Patterson was our assistant farmer last season and he is our first Ethos incubator farmer this year.  His recent degree from Rutgers in Agriculture and Food Systems along with his deep commitment to regenerative farming made him the perfect choice for us to partner with. We offer Andrew access to our land, infrastructure and equipment, along with farm manager, Nora’s mentorship.  Under Nora’s daily guidance he will grow our vegetables and run The Doctor’s Farm Market farm stand. This low risk environment offers Andrew the opportunity to hone his farming skills, receive business and financial management training and practice food production and marketing in real time.

You can help support Andrew and this new program by purchasing a discounted pre-paid farm card today. You can use it throughout the season to enjoy our lovingly grown organic vegetables, fruits and flowers.

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