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The people who work at Ethos are connected by a shared belief - that food, and the way food is grown is central to determining human health and the health of everything around us. This belief inspires each workday and is the basis for our common endeavor of Tikkun Olam - repairing the world.

Ron Weiss, MD and Plant-Based Doctor
Ron Weiss, MD

Primary Care Physician in New Jersey


Board certified in internal medicine, Ron Weiss MD is a primary care doctor in New Jersey – the doctor you always wish you had.  He listens deeply and compassionately, giving you the time you need to share all the moving parts of your story, those related both directly and indirectly to your health.  In addition, Dr. Weiss is not only a physician but also a botanist and farmer, offering an evidence-based, food-as-medicine approach to healing from chronic illness and optimizing wellness. He’s the kind of doctor who will get you off pharmaceutical drugs instead of putting you on them.

Click here to find out more about Dr. Weissif you are looking for a primary care doctor in New Jersey.

Wendy Yurgosky

Lifestyle Coach

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Connie Manderino

Administrative Assistant

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If you are looking for a primary care doctor in New Jersey, contact our friendly and caring staff, to schedule an appointment with Ron Weiss MD.  Our phone number is 908-867-0060.  Dr. Weiss offers comprehensive in-person medical examinations at his farm-based practice in Long Valley, New Jersey, and he offers virtual nutrition consultations, to established patients worldwide.

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