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Whether you are seeking to prevent chronic diseases, heal chronic illness, or simply achieve peak performance in your life, our mission is to guide you on the journey to optimal health – leading you to experience a state of wellness that you might not even realize is possible.  At our unique wellness center in Long Valley, New Jersey, located on a 342 acre farm, you will come to understand and benefit from the power of nature; the intimate connection between the human body, plants, land, and living things; and the intricate network and ecosystem therein.


To this end, you will come to know that plants are not just food but also powerful medicine, and you will learn natural dietary and lifestyle modifications – including a Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) diet, that bring your whole system into balance.  Being that your health is inextricably intertwined with that of our planet, all our work supporting you will simultaneously nurture the soil and help revitalize the earth, in a healthy synergistic loop. 


"The soil is the great connector of lives, the source and destination of all. It is the healer and restorer and resurrector, by which disease passes into health, age into youth, death into life."

                         - Wendell Berry

To find out more about our wellness center in New Jersey, contact our friendly and caring staff, at 908-867-0060, or email us. We look forward to meeting you and supporting you on your healing journey.

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