"While we live, our bodies are moving particles of the earth, joined inextricably both to the soil and to the bodies of other living creatures. It is hardly surprising then, that there should be some profound resemblances between our treatment of our bodies and our treatment of the earth."

                                      - Wendell Berry

Ethos Farm

Ethos Farm in the Early morning Autumn light and frost covering the land

Early Morning Autumn Frost

Farm in New Jersey


The soil at Ethos Farm is special. It is ranked by the USDA as Prime Farmland, the top agricultural soil classification in the United States.  Because Ethos Health is raising the standard of care for our planet as well as for our patients, Ethos Farm goes a step beyond the methods employed by sustainable and organic farms: We practice regenerative agriculture, restoring the integrity of the land by taking a holistic farming approach – effectively cultivating a living soil, which in turn produces the most nutrient-dense foods.


To this end, we optimize our soil's mineral content, organic matter, and teeming microbiome, so our plants can draw what they need from the soil, to become supremely healthy.  Only when plants achieve this exceptional state of health can they manufacture their own intrinsic disease- and pest-fighting molecular weapons, called flavonoids. These powerful compounds are known to not only successfully fight disease in plants, but also in humans.

Farm Market in New Jersey


At our weekly Doctor’s Farm Market, located at the Ethos Farm in New Jersey, locals can benefit from our superior quality soil and the disease-fighting foods we harvest in this soil. Unlike the typical farm market in New Jersey, we not only provide the most nutrient-dense foods available, but we also provide information about which produce is best for preventing or reversing specific conditions or diseases.


In addition, if you’re looking for whole food, plant-based doctor in New Jersey, a health coach or a nutrition coach, look no further!  Our farm market is located next to our Ethos Primary Care medical practice.


The Doctor's Farm Market runs from June-October, on Fridays and Saturdays, from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm, and Sunday's from noon - 3:00 pm at Ethos Farm in New Jersey, located at 177 West Mill Road Long Valley, New Jersey 07853.


Pre-paid farm cards are available at a discount!

10% Discount ... Spend $50-249

15% Discount ... Spend $250-499

20% Discount ... Spend $500

Beyond Organic Farming Methods


Rather than using a specific chemical to kill a crop disease or pest, Ethos Farm in New Jersey focuses on analyzing the inadequacy or weakness that brought about the problem in the first place, then works to remedy the cause.  The local wildlife that lives in our forests, fields, and wetlands – birds, insects, bees, and bats – additionally do the work of eliminating pests and pollinating our crops.  As we keep our lands healthy, they keep our farm healthy, in a never-ending loop of wellness.  We do our part in cultivating this health, by utilizing the following methods:

Cover Crop of Oats and Red Clover Ripening in the Morning Sun

Cover Crops

Talk about multitasking!  These plants improve soil fertility and quality, combat weeds and crop diseases, and enhance biodiversity in the field and surrounding areas.  You’ll find them all over our farm.



On a four-acre plot of our land, we combine animal manure with green waste and repeatedly mix it all up.  The materials decompose and produce a dark, carbon-rich, organic material with the aroma of fresh earth – which we then use as farm fertilizer that improves soil quality and reduces soil-borne crop diseases.


Meadow Restoration 

We have restored the wildflower meadows indigenous to this land – effectively attracting wildlife that pollinates the plants and eliminates the pests. 


Warm Season Grasses 

We have planted native warm season grasses, which flourished in this valley for centuries. The grasses are quite tall and provide a home to native birds and bees; the roots reach as far as 16 feet into the earth, bringing up the minerals needed to replenish the topsoil; and the grasses capture carbon dioxide from the air and deposit it as carbon in the soil – thereby combatting global warming.


Forest Stewardship 

Our forest covers half of our farm's total acreage and plays an important role in the New Jersey ecosystem.  Our forest stewardship plan, certified by the state of New Jersey, optimizes the health of our forests by controlling invasive non-native plant species; protecting and enhancing amphibian breeding habitats; and restoring the balance of tree species, which serve as important sources of food and shelter for wildlife.


Aerial View of Ethos Farm in Summer

National Historic Landmark in New Jersey
Ethos Farm is a National Historic Landmark in Long Valley, New Jersey, operating in partnership with the New Jersey Audubon Society, U.S Fish and Wildlife Service, and Natural Resources Conservation Service. Our 342 acre farm in New Jersey has been in operation for over 275 years and boasts forests with deep, clear-running springs that pour into Raritan River – the source of drinking water in New Jersey, for 1.5 million people. Our farm also is a sanctuary for wildlife in New Jersey, including a number of rare and endangered species – like the native wild brook trout, which was thought to be extinct until just a few years ago.
Prior to our purchase of the farm in 2011, the land was threatened three times, between 1950-2000, with plans for an industrial park, a city subdivision, and an upscale housing development in New Jersey, respectively.  After the last attempt to pave over paradise, however, the people of Long Valley said “enough” to the destruction of land in our garden state. In the first land conservation act of its kind in the United States, the local community banded together, to protect the farm – spending $12 million to forbid any future development on it, then entering the farm into the New Jersey Farmland Preservation Program, which subsequently required that the land be used for agricultural purposes only. It was the ethos, or guiding principles of the people of Long Valley that saved this beautiful land, preserving it for future generations.
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