Ethos Farm Project

It is no accident that Dr. Weiss started his practice on this majestic 280-year-old working farm and National Historic Landmark. He has a deep-seated mission which is much larger than healing on an individual level. He has an insatiable passion to help heal the world.

There are many paths to healing and many perspectives to achieve it. Dr. Weiss is committed to spreading healing through education, support of future farmers and aiding in the reversal of climate change.

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Restoring Health to the Community

Educating people, developing community.

Ethos Farm Days were created to spread the wealth of knowledge so people can be empowered to prevent and reverse health conditions. If your goal is to live a long vibrant healthy life and give that gift to others you'll find inspiration and support by attending the Ethos Farm Days.


Dr. Weiss and his many world-renowned colleagues commit their time to these events because of their strong passion and dedication to healing the world. Ethos has been absorbing all costs related to hosting these events, so if you'd like to see them continue for years to come please donate what you can. Read more

Growing New Farmers

Providing healthy food for future generations. 


As a father, Dr. Ron Weiss understood modern farming to be detrimental to the health and future of our children. 99% of American farmland is farmed using chemical-based methods. This type of farming destroys our soils and the world around us. Life as we know it is in danger unless we change how we grow our food.


With this in mind Ethos is investing in new farmers by teaching regenerative farming practices so that they and future generations will have nutrient-dense food and a healthy planet. It starts with your support. Read more 

A surprise guest -  baby snapping turtle

Ethos Farm Ecosystem and Carbon Trial (EFECT) Initiative 

Helping to Reverse Climate Change

Workable solutions for climate change. 

It's all pretty simple folks; carbon in the air is bad, carbon in the soil is good. We have broken the cycle of maintaining carbon in the soil and now we have to fix it.


Instead of feeling overwhelmed by climate change at the global level you can feel empowered to take action at local level. Our 100 acre carbon sequestration initiative seeks to develop a real-world working solution for climate change that can serve as a model for farms all over the world. Read more

Your gift is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. 


The Ethos Farm Project is fiscally sponsored by 

PlantPure Communities, Inc. 

If you want to stay informed about the amazing progress happening within the Ethos Farm Project 


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