Connie Manderino

Administrative Assistant

Connie is honored to be a part of your wellness journey by being with you through every step of the process at Ethos Health.


Connie is passionate about community health and environmental stewardship. These passions merge on the Ethos farm, where nutritionally-dense food is grown for our patients in the most organic, sustainable way that regenerates healthy soil and healthy bodies.


Connie embarked on her own wellness journey in 2011. She became increasingly sick despite numerous doctor’s visits that never solved her issues. After much research she realized it was the food she was putting in her body that affected so many aspects of her life from sleep, mood, weight control, and pain. She healed herself with nutritionally-dense whole plant foods! Connie became concerned about how many people, including herself, grow up uneducated about the importance of the food we eat. She went on to receive her certification as a Nutritional-Therapist from the Health Sciences Academy and also received her certification as a Diabetes Prevention Lifestyle Coach from the YMCA. She is also passionate about increasing access to nutrition education and healthy food resources for underserved populations, so she has dedicated time to volunteering and subsequently working for a food bank, where she completed her certification in ‘Food Resources’ from Feeding America University and ‘Developing a Food Bank Nutrition Policy’ from the Nutrition Policy Institute.


Connie has volunteered with the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture, and is a new member of the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Jersey. In her free time she enjoys hiking with her dogs and exploring different parks around the country.

Ron Weiss, MD
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