Climbing to the Summit



Dear Friends,


We invite you all to celebrate the success you have achieved through your labor on your path towards better health. Climbing to reach the top of a mountain will be a tribute to all your hard work.  Ethos is planning a special trip during peak fall foliage to the Adirondacks high peaks wilderness area, Oct 3rd to Oct 5th, 2020.

Many Ethos Members have requested to have their loved ones join the Annual Ethos Member Hike. We are opening the hike to include others who would like to attend the event. There is an additional fee for non-members due to the fact that this event includes time with Dr. Weiss during group discussions and activities where you will learn some of the many successes that occur while under his care. Please see additional fees for non-members below accommodations.


We will be staying at historic Adirondack Loj on the shores of Heart Lake and plan to hike up to the summit of one of the high peaks on Oct 7th, though attendees may participate in hikes of any level of difficulty.  A hiking trip is reserved from Oct 3rd - Oct 5th.  Adirondack Loj can accommodate up to 38 guests.



Oct 3 2020

• Driving to Adirondacks

• Group dinner of whole plant based foods

• Discussion lead by Ethos team member

Oct 4 2020


• Hiking based on the level one is comfortable

• Group dinner celebrating our success with WPBF

• Discussion lead by Ethos team member


Oct 5 2020

• Group breakfast

• Driving back

We have a group reservation for Adirondack Loj.  Visit their website for more information.



Members please make reservations by calling (518) 523-3441 and make sure you tell them that you are an Ethos member.  Non-Members please call Ethos Primary Care before calling the Loj to reserve your spot. It’s extremely important to make reservations as soon as possible.  Payment will be expected from you to reserve your spot.



They have a variety of accommodations and are giving our group a 10% discount on accommodations.  The rooms/accommodations and rates are as follows (all rates include a full breakfast but do not include tax or other meals):


Private Rooms (accommodate 2 people) $186.50 per room, per night 

Bunkrooms (4 or 6 person – shared, co-ed rooms) $75.75 per person, per night

Loft (12 person – shared, co-ed) $63.50 per person, per night


Non-Member Fees

In addition to the accommodation fee payable to the Loj there is a fee payable to Ethos Primary Care for all non-members*. This payment is to be made before reservations are made at the Loj to assure there is space available.

The fee schedule is:

Non-patients: $300

Patients: $150 (50% off)

Spouses of Members: $150 (50% off)

Current Members: No additional charge

* The definition of a non-member is a person whose program membership has expired or a person who is a patient but not currently part of an Ethos Program. 


Please register send an email to to car pool.


If the lodge gets totally booked, you are welcome to stay in the nearby hotel and still join us for all the activities and meals.


A description of the Adirondack Loj from brochure:  In 1890, Henry Van Hoevenberg opened the original Adirondack Lodge near Lake Placid, NY. From its location on the shore of Heart Lake, he built trails up the surrounding High Peaks; led, taught, and encouraged the earliest hikers; and told stories around the campfire. More than a hundred years later, you can still enjoy those same traditions of mountain hospitality, recreation, and education. 


The Adirondack Loj has space for 38 guests in a combination of private rooms, family bunk rooms and a co-ed loft.  All rooms are simple and rustic and have either a lake view or wooded view.  All rooms share a common set of bathrooms.


Meals at Adirondack Loj: If the Ethos group reserves all of the rooms for the dates mentioned above, we could have a custom meal prepared. Their chefs would be able to accommodate a dairy free, meat free menu with limited salt, oil, and no refined sugar. The standard price for family style dinner inside the Adirondack Loj is $22.50 per person (+tax and gratuity). 


“Every mountain top is within reach
if you just keep climbing.”
 ― Barry Finlay


Similarly the health goals you set when you came to Ethos, is within your reach you just have to keep climbing till you get to them.


Please call and reserve your spot.  Together we will celebrate the unique health care system which is possible because you gave Ethos Primary Care an opportunity to work with you.


Thank you.

Dr. Weiss and Asha


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