Asha Gala

Lifestyle Clinical Director


Health Coach in New Jersey

At Ethos Health, we care deeply about our patients. That’s why, as you embark on your journey of eliminating illness and activating wellness, you not only will receive holistic medical guidance from our primary care doctor, Ron Weiss, MD, but you’ll also receive support from our compassionate and nurturing, Asha Gala. Over the past decade, Asha has worked as a holistic nutrition coach and holistic health coach in New Jersey. Today she puts these skills to use by supporting you on the day-in, day-out aspects of your healing journey. From designing and teaching holistic nutrition and lifestyle medicine classes, to facilitating support groups for patients healing from chronic illness, to providing one-on-one lifestyle counseling sessions, Asha is here for you – offering not only professional support, but also personal understanding.


When Asha’s daughter was diagnosed with allergies in 1990, Asha and her husband – a PhD in industrial pharmacy – knew that conventional medicine would not help resolve the issue, but rather, would simply cover up the symptoms. The couple was determined to find a way to identify and heal the root problem. Not long after, Asha purchased a guide to buying and preparing natural foods, with the promise of improving one’s health. The book changed Asha’s life and that of her family – among other things, significantly resolving her daughter’s allergies. Asha then went on a mission to learn everything she could about the connections between diet, lifestyle, and health.


Food as Medicine


Years later, Asha had become a certified holistic nutrition coach and holistic health coach in New Jersey, through the Nutrition Education Institute of Joel Fuhrman MD, a doctor who focuses on reversing disease through nutrition. Asha then attended one of Dr. Weiss’s presentations on the connections between our diet, the health of the body, and the health of the planet, and she felt very much in alignment with Dr. Weiss’s vision and mission. Shortly after, Asha began working as the patient care manager at Ethos Health, deepening her work as a holistic health coach in New Jersey.


Asha is excited to ease your path on the journey to excellent health, gently and compassionately helping you put into practice everything she has learned over her decades of study and experimentation. She can relate to your hectic schedule, technological struggles, and other life challenges, having gone through them with her family, and she stands ready to support you as she has so many others – in successfully losing over 50 pounds of weight, getting off all medications, and/or reversing chronic illness.


In her own life today, Asha incorporates not only a Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) diet, but also dance, meditation, music, and hiking, as tools for healthy and harmonious living. In addition, she is now becoming certified as a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction teacher, and she looks forward to incorporating this training into her practice in general and her work with you in particular.


If you are looking for a holistic nutrition coach or holistic health coach in New Jersey, contact our friendly and caring staff, to schedule an appointment with Asha. You can call us at 908-867-0060 or email us. Asha offers comprehensive holistic nutrition coaching and holistic health coaching, in person to those in the tristate area or virtually, to established patients worldwide.

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