Until further notice, all of Dr. Weiss' office visits will be
telemedicine visits. 
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Office Hours - New Patient Visits

Tuesday 7AM-4PM

Friday 7AM-4PM 


Enhanced Medical Evaluation: 

An EME is a comprehensive 50-minute visit with Dr. Weiss that gives you an opportunity to discuss your medical issues in depth.  Dr. Weiss will assess each of your concerns or conditions in accordance with the latest research and will then carefully determine the extent to which a switch to a Whole-Food Plant-Based diet and lifestyle can benefit you.



Do you live in New York or New Jersey? If you do, Telemedicine is an excellent way to connect with Dr. Ron Weiss, a knowledgeable, licensed, Lifestyle Medicine physician, from the comfort of your home or office. The telemedicine appointments offer you the same one-on-one attention, assessment and customization evaluation formerly available only to patients who could travel to Ethos Health and Primary Care in Long Valley, New Jersey. New patient Telemedicine appointments are 50 min, follow up appointments duration time is based upon Dr. Weiss' recommendations.

Click here for more details on Telemedicine with details on states, additional information, etc.

*Before making a Telemedicine appointment please read the consent.  


To schedule an appointment with Dr. Weiss, please call the office at
908-867-0060 or complete the following instructions.

1. Please click here to fill out an appointment request form.

2. Upon receipt of your form, our office will send you email instructions with forms to fill out as part of the registration process. You will also receive an invitation to our Electronic Health Record system, Patient Fusion. We use Patient Fusion to communicate with you regarding all your health-related concerns and information. Please review this page to learn how to register for Patient Fusion, and this page to learn how to download the mobile application.

3. Once all new patient forms are filled out and your Patient Fusion account is set up, you may schedule an appointment.

We look forward to guiding you on the road of healthy living.
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